Saturday, February 13, 2010


In the spirit of Valentine’s day and the awesome work that I get to do with loving couples and doting parents, I thought it quite fitting to post a few questions to encourage reconnecting this holiday (or at any time)!

What holiday do you most enjoy celebrating as a couple and why?

If you could relive one moment of time knowing your spouse, what would it be and why?

What do you most hope to improve in yourself that would better meet the needs of your beloved?

Which of the vows you made on your wedding day do you see your spouse most faithfully fulfill?

What quality in your spouse do you most look forward to or hope that your child(ren) will carry with them?

Explain the character quality in yourself that your spouse most helps to encourage or improve.

If observed in a counselor’s office for fifteen minutes, what immediate observations would he or she make about your relationship.

Tell your spouse what would be the most amazing way for you to celebrate your birthday.

When in a room full of unfamiliar people (i.e. office party), how do you still feel a connection to or appreciation for your spouse, while across the room?

Why do you believe your spouse chose you as a life-partner?

Describe what you believe would be your spouse’s dream job.

Recall your first impressions when meeting your spouse.

  • Please note that I cannot recall exactly where I got this list. Some marriage book or study my wife and I did together once? So sorry to the original writer; if you recognize it—feel free to post credit.

Being a good sport, here is one of my personal responses:

A few of the qualities I most enjoy in Rebecca that I look forward to seeing develop even more in my own kids is her awareness of others' needs & the ability to remember a name and face from one meeting and remembering all the details about that person while blowing them away with those exact details the next time their paths cross - even if it's ten years later! In other words -- she truly cares!