Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Perfect End to 2009!

What a way to wrap up shoots for 2009! I’ve been blessed to have known these boys since their birth, thanks to a great friendship with their parents. This gives me the unique joy of fully appreciating how much they have changed (in real life and from previous shoots). Now it may not be obvious to most, but I loved seeing their personalities in these pics. The shots where younger stands over and leans into older doesn’t surprise me in the way these two will certainly keep one another sharp. The sideways expression and occasional tiptoe shots are a classic look for older. The unprompted poses and facials of younger express a distinct independence. They are a blessing in our lives and obviously easy to photograph—nice work Mom and Dad (not to mention the unparalleled look of handmade sweaters by Mimi K)!

Be sure to check out the video below for some more great shots!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's nearly despicable how long it has been since I blogged, especially since I have worked with so many great blog-worthy families in the last four weeks! So, in an effort to share shots I love without spoiling any Christmas gifts, here are a few favs tagged with my holiday thanksgivings:

Thankful for adorable baby feet...

Thankful for big sisters that love little brothers well…

Thankful for the double portion of new life. . . .

Thankful for brothers that argue in fun. . .

Thankful for energetic boys (makes me hunger to take more pictures of my own). . .

Thankful for good, quality food . . .

Thankful for my life and the opportunity I have to bless others with what talent God has given me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Dave Calabro’s familiar voice echoes the lineup...

Alex Thomas - Comedian, Writer form the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Family Guy

Luke Menard - American Idol

UFC: Chris Lytle & Matt Mitrione

Pacers: Quinn Buckner, Roy Hibbert, Mike Dunleavy, Danny Granger, Dahntay Jones

Colts: Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai, Gary Bracket, Pierre Garcon, Clint Session, Robert Mathis, Tony Ugoh, Taj Smith, Sam Giguere

and others...

So I have been pretty fortunate in the great celebrity events I have been able to shoot including THE Race Party for Indy 500 and ESPY's PreParty in LA, but I must say that the Wishing On Stars event last night has been my favorite. It was refreshing to not just take pictures of people having a blast, but in addition, benefiting a great cause. A party with a purpose; what could be better? Watch, and I’m sure you will agree that there is great appeal in seeing celebrities laughing, entertaining, and generating money for kids with special wishes!

And NO, you will NOT be seeing Roy Hibbert or Danny Granger on American Idol anytime soon. They need to stick to the basketball court! =)

Congratulations Jennifer Beaver, Kim Miller, Reggie Wayne, Jeremiah and Lisa on a successful charitable event!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alig Family Portrait :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

So I have officially been doing my photography business for two years, and I have been able to do three photoshoots of the Alig family! Not only are they good friends (and good for my ego when I go to their house and it looks like the Brian McGuckin Photo-Gallery), but it is so exciting to see them grow from behind the lens as well. Their comfort and playfulness for the camera shows and makes my job easy. It also makes me remember how important relationships are in this line of work as not only does it make for better pictures, but it generates an excitement for returning to do another shoot at the next milestone. Thanks Aligs for encouraging me as well!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Senior Alex :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Everyone knows the type of girl who is truly modest and most likely prefers looking at pictures of others rather than herself because she has never really liked her own pics (but honestly everyone else can see how cute she is). That's Alex--a little uncertain about the whole entire shoot being about her. Looking at these shots you can not only see that she has nothing to be shy about, but also a variety of looks that all look good! (Not everyone can pull off a hooded sweatshirt and a black dress and make both look completely blog-worthy :)

I'm just glad she didn't put on her Cardinals baseball cap, or else I'd be doing a little touch-up job in Photoshop. Go CUBS!

Be sure to check out the slideshow below a few of my favorite pics!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CHRISTMAS CARDS 2009 & Holiday Portrait Sessions

Personally I'm looking forward to the holidays for eating ginger cremes, buying gifts for others, snow, Christmas movies I grew up with -- like Rudolph in clay animation, and most importantly celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

Professionally I'm looking forward to the holidays for continuing the busy schedule of family shoots, reminiscing on some of my favorite shots this year in Holiday Cards, and taking a new step for me in offering some carefully selected templates for displaying those shots! I love the look of what comes from using carefully designed templates on high quality paper, and I hope you do too!

Check out the slideshow and send me your order noting a pre-existing digital image I have given you this year, or if we still haven't booked a portrait session, read below for a GREAT HOLIDAY DEAL!

2009 Holiday Session: $200
20 mins.
10-15 full resolution digital images on disc
20 mins.
24 Christmas Cards w/ envelopes (see designs below in slideshow)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Andrew :: Senior Portrait Photographer


I've shot pictures on stage with Ludacris (Rapper/Actor) and on stage with the Ballas Hough Band (from Dancing w/ the Stars), but nothing compares to the free acoustic concert I got to hear live with Andrew while shooting his senior pictures!

We had a blast both doing what we loved the most -- Andrew played his guitar and I took pictures. This was one of my favorite shoots ever! Not just because of the music, but because six years ago Andrew was a little sixth grader sitting in the back row of my social studies classroom. Over the years I've had the honor of watching him grow up and try to discover who God has made him to be. Our time together during the shoot revealed to me his passion for not just life, but his guitar.

Below are a few photos from the shoot. Heck, maybe one of them will be his first album cover! Be sure to click play and check out the slideshow from the day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Puthrans :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Anyone who follows this blog or reads the "Artist" section on my website, knows I love kids. Anyone who really knows me knows I covet quality family time and may be borderline prideful about the relationships I have with my own children. Having openly admitted this, I must say that it was these same tendencies that made this shoot such a blast. The moments I boast about wanting to capture were easy and natural with the Puthran family. You can’t help but watch them and feel that they have a genuine respect and enjoyment of one another. Just glancing at these shots, you see the kids connecting and delighting in their parents. You get the sense of big brother loving on his little sis and you know it wasn’t for the sake of my camera. Thanks for a great afternoon, Puthrans! Enjoy a couple of my favorites AND the slideshow below!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ashley & Naaman

I soaked in the beautiful Fall weather this past Saturday with a wedding down in Bloomington, Indiana! Great Weather. Great People. Great Fun!!!

I've had the opportunity to get to know Ashley and Naaman a little over the past few months from gatherings and shooting Ashley's sister's wedding, Erin & Dustin. They are such a sweet couple that know how to have fun and laugh! It's fun to see the family dynamics and to build relationships with them. Not many photographers get a chance to dance with the bride and groom! =)

Up above is one of my favorite pictures from the day. You'll find more of them by checking out this slideshow below!

Oh yeah, and for those of you that were there... "OTIS...My Man!"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Robin & Tommy Slideshow

Robin and Tommy... STUNNING! It was a beautiful day Saturday for a wedding at the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple. I've been excited about their wedding for a while now because Robin has this great piercing that I couldn't wait to capture in her wedding dress. If you look closely where a necklace would hang, you'll see a gorgeous diamond pierced right into her chest. I knew this would add a special touch to the photos and we got some AMAZING shots!

Everybody in the wedding party and their guests were too kind and I had a BLAST making some new friends. (Cheap plug... if you ever need a sweet sound system, contact Graham at Audio Solutions in Broad Ripple!)

You want the truth? The reason why Robin and Tommy are some of my favorite people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is because they both work for CAFE PATACHOU!!! This place is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth. I could live off of two things from there: "blueberry muffins" and "chicken salad on a croissant"! =)

If you were there, you already had a sneak peek at a few of the favorite shots from the day. Either way, be sure to check out this slideshow and enjoy a little Dave Matthews Band!

Robin & Tommy Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek at Robin & Tommy's wedding! Slideshow to come soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's been a blessing to get to know Mallory and Brian over the past year and then to be a part of every intimate moment of the couple's big day. These two have an obvious passion for the Lord that is reflected through their family and friends.

I love shooting weddings at Redeemer Presbyterian Church because there are so many great details and locations to get some awesome shots... like these!

I love stained glass and bright colors!

This couple knew how to work it for me!

There are so many great shots from this day that I could load this post with images; however, it would be better to just check out this rockin' slideshow and enjoy the thumbnails after! Thanks Mallory & Brian for some of my most favorite shots ever!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


California brought many exciting opportunities for me! Besides shooting the ESPY’s Pre-Party and celebrating my second anniversary of the birthing of my business with friends Deyl and DJ, I was fortunate enough to have a great hostess for the week, Mary Lynn Rajskub. Also known as Chloe on the hit tv series 24, she and her new husband Matt Rolph are blessed to be the parents of an adorable little boy, Val (Valentine). I’m extremely grateful for their hospitality and enjoyed the laughs from some of Mary Lynn’s comments. If you’ve never seen her on 24 or had the opportunity to see any of her interviews, check out any of her YouTube clips. She’s stinking hilarious! We also took some time out to get some family photos for her and US Magazine. Here’s a sweet photo of them below. Can’t wait to see them again!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deyl & DJ in Santa Barbara

While in LA for the ESPY’s Pre-Party, I also celebrated the two year anniversary of the birthing of my photography business with my friends Deyl Kearin and David Jay! It was two years ago when I came to Santa Barbara after reading The Four Hour Work Week to brainstorm ideas with Deyl, a great “out of the box” thinker. He introduced me to his best friend DJ (David Jay), a heck of an entrepreneur and not a bad photographer, who let me ask every question possible about photography and shoot with him at a wedding in Chicago on my way back home at the end of the week. This newly gained wisdom and hands-on experience with DJ sparked the beginning of my official business. To celebrate this anniversary, I spent some time in Santa Barbara and went out to eat with them for some great Indian food! I’m thankful to them for continuing to encourage my vision and even more excited seeing first hand how their visions are being lived out.

Deyl is at an exciting stage of life as he has recently witnessed a true miracle in the birth of his daughter, his first child. It was fun to have a good laugh thinking back on those days seven years ago for me! (Deep thought…Wow! My daughter is 7! Man, I’m old!) DJ has some sweet stuff going on with his “ShowIt” business and the programs he designed to help photographers. Check out his stuff and even get a free website that is above and beyond anything else out there available. What’s great is that more than photographers are using it to promote their business.

ESPY's Pre-Party

As I mentioned in my recent post, I was out of town for three weeks traveling in California for some shoots and Colorado for a family vacation and some business meetings. In California, I had the privilege to reconnect with my great friend Jen Beaver of All Access Promotions and shoot a pre-party for the ESPY’s in LA. As usual, she put on a great event and I was glad to reconnect with some of my friends from the INDY 500 event this past year. Mark Ballas and Derek Hough, from Dancing With The Stars and the Ballas Hough Band, are great guys that have given me some generous props since the INDY 500. Joanna Pacitti, Mark Ballas’ girlfriend and American Idol star, is another whom I’m thankful for her kind words.

In addition to meeting Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson and Tony Gonzalez (always a big help on my fantasy football team), I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with NFL Hall of Famer, Warren Moon. Warren is one of the main hosts of the ESPY’s Pre-Party event every year. I continue to enjoy having the opportunity to work with athletes and celebrities and see how sincere and real many of them are when they are not surrounded by fans.

Here’s a brief slideshow of the event!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where Have I Been?

WOW! I'm finishing up a three week sabbatical from Indiana AND the internet (not by choice for the latter though). While traveling between California and Colorado, I did stop back in Indiana for two days to shoot two weddings. Here's a slideshow of Claire and Tyler's wedding at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. Tyler was very intentional in a few special plans for Claire and the guests. Let's just say... I've never seen a garter look so good on a man's leg! Check out the show below!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Erin & Dustin's Wedding

These are called "Jazz Hands"... you'll have to check out the slideshow below if you want to be lucky enough to see the "BLADES"!!!

Erin and Dustin have a very special place in my heart! Erin, because she worked at Cafe Patachou (love that place so much I even went there today to work on their slideshow!) and Dustin, because he's a Chicago Bears fan!!! Those two things right there automatically make them some of my favorite people in the world! (Far, far from my wife of course! Are you reading this honey?) Now, if I can just convince Dustin to invite me over to watch a Bears game and have Erin bringing me a yummy Chicken Salad on Croissant...

Anyway, I'm stoked because I get to see Erin and Dustin again when I shoot her sister's wedding in September (this has been the summer of siblings). Here are a few of my favorite shots of Erin and Dustin along with the slideshow below that you won't want to miss! Check it out and enjoy! P.S. Don't forget to look for the "BLADES"!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brittany and Michael's Slideshow

This past month I've had the pleasure of shooting the weddings of two brothers, John and Michael Hart. This is what I love about photography... RELATIONSHIPS! Having the opportunity to be a part of such a special day for a family, not just once, but TWICE has allowed me to truly get to know the Hart family and be more than just their "photographer". To me, photography isn't just showing up and taking a few pictures and then moving on. It's getting to know them. Building a relationship.  

The more comfortable a couple can be with me the more inconspicuous I am able to be during the many personal moments and the more we are able to enjoy the formal shots with family, which I believe was especially evident in both weddings.  Brittany and Michael's wedding gave me a great excuse to visit with Johnny and Falan... still in their honeymoon period!  

It feels like forever ago that I met Brittany and Michael and we shot their engagement pictures.  And now the wedding is already over!  At least I've got these great memories below to allow me to reflect back on the day too.  Click below and enjoy the slideshow! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brittany & Michael -- Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek into Brittany & Michael's wedding!  Check back soon for more shots in their slideshow!

Friday, June 19, 2009


One of my deepest disappointments has come from one of my greatest joys.  The birth of my third child, A.J., marked a painful first.  My own father would never know him.  This matters more to me because of the father he was, and the grandfather my children will never have.  Jack McGuckin most notably shaped me through not just a personal invested interest in my passions (i.e. my football games and proudly sporting my pic -- even with a mullet -- on a button) but more consistently through something that is still lacking in father-son relationships. He never wavered in showing me affection.  The consistent hugs and “I love you”s have made for my family a legacy greater than that of the largest trust fund.  My boys are still young, yet I know that they too may someday miss the great hugs (ie. tackles) we greet one another with, as I know I will continue to insist upon them through what tends to be the more awkward teen years and well-past into my visits with their own families.

As I still have to remind myself he is actually gone from the earth every time this holiday unexpectedly arrives, I hang onto the hope that I have that one day not only will I embrace him again in heaven, but I too will have the joy of seeing him do the same in greeting my children, and the one he never met, A.J. 

If I could have one moment captured today in a picture with him, it would be this great embrace.  In honor of my father, I want to extend a chance for you to choose something so precious to hold onto as well, be it with a dad, husband, or grandfather.  Here is what you do…


1)    Subscribe to my blog ( by visiting it and clicking on the “POST” link under “Subscribe To My Blog” on the top left of the page.  You simply pick the page that fits what you typically use (i.e yahoo) and it should automatically subscribe you if you are logged into your account.  This means when you go into your (yahoo) homepage, you will see a feed of text from my blog. OR Subscribe by entering your email under the box also to the top left.  

2)    AFTER SUBSCRIBING, send me an email (however long or short you need it to be) at explaining a treasured difference about your father or grandfather that builds a great legacy into your own life.

3)    Give me a sense of the vision of the photoshoot you would arrange with your father/husband or grandfather (i.e. would want to capture him on the fishing boat with the six grandkids).

The winner will receive a Free One Hour Photo Shoot w/ one Free 8X10 

Read this part of the “small print” as fast as you can to get the full effect… “All entries are due by midnight Saturday, June 27th!  I will joyfully deliberate over the entries with my wife and post the winner on my blog by midnight Sunday the 28th!  Travel expenses not included outside 20 minutes of Indianapolis area.” 

(Note: I extended the deadline due to some questions I received regarding subscribing to the blog, so please feel free to email me if you have any additional trouble with #1)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Father/Daughter Getaway!

This past weekend my daughter and I went away on our annual father/daughter getaway with a bunch of other dads and daughters.  We love this time cause it allows us to get away from the craziness of our lives and the many distractions that keep us from enjoying each other's love!  I miss my little baby girl who has grown up TOOO fast before my eyes.  I've always been intentional with my time with my children and these little getaways are always a special bonus!  Here's a slideshow of our time with the other dads/daughters/(all the frogs that stole our daughters' attention from us!!!).  And a special thanks to Northview Christian Life Church for helping create these memories for the dads and daughters!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

THE Race Party Slideshows

The slideshows from this past weekend are up and ready to go!  You can check them out at my newly improved site or just enjoy them below!  Want to order any prints?  CLICK HERE 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm here because Jen Beaver brought me here...

So, if you are into pop culture then you probably recognize Ludacris (rap artist on the left)and Carlos Diaz (Extra host on the right), but if you are really lucky then you know the woman in the middle—Jen Beaver. Like Ludacris kept announcing at The Race Party, “I’m here because Jen Beaver brought me here;” I too was there because she brought me. Jen, an Event Planner, worked in the most tireless manner to orchestrate three major events that comprised THE Race Party and additional gatherings surrounding a movie premier and the Indy 500. Little sleep, even less food, keeping celebrities at the right place at the right time, and making everything appear seamless are just a few of the job qualifications that make Jen amazing. The more important personal ones are her dedication, sincerity, approachability, kindness, and ability to not be “starstruck”. No matter what profession you are in, when you have someone who believes in your ability, encourages you endlessly, sacrifices their own time to direct you, gives you rare opportunities, and exists outside of the small circle of people who would seem required to do all of the above (i.e. your mom); it is an awesome boost to your belief in yourself and quite worthy of the time to say THANK YOU! Are you fortunate enough to have your own “Jen Beaver” to recognize; if so, I would encourage you to acknowledge them today!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I was excited to find that one of my shots from this past weekend made it on! Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

THE Race Party - Sneak Peek!

WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!! From Dancing with the Stars, to RACING with the Stars, and EVERYTHING else in between! Stay tuned this week for more pictures to come and a new website featuring THE Race Party photos! And... WAY TO GO HELIO!!!

Mark Ballas & Derek Hough send their support to their favorite driver AND Dancing with the Stars previous winner Helio Castroneves!
Helio celebrates!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Falan and Johnny Slideshow

It's finally here!  Falan and Johnny had a beautiful intimate wedding up in Culver, Indiana and the day was meant for them!  Dark clouds, rain, and wind threatened the morning until the sun took over and made it one of the most beautiful days of the year!  

I admit it!  I get choked up at weddings!  Sometimes it's the thought of my wife, sometimes it's the thought of my daughter (when she's 40 of course), but most of the time it is because I've had an opportunity to truly get to know the couple and I feel a connection to them.  After all, it's hard not to.  You spend the most intimate moments with the couple individually, together, and with their family and friends on what is often THE most important day of their lives so far.  It's hard not to feel like you are a part of it all.  Falan and Johnny were no exception!  

I tried to capture snippets of their day in the slideshow below.  Check it out!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Falan & Johnny

Here's a sneak peek at a gorgeous couple from an amazing ceremony this past weekend!  Stay tuned for their slideshow from the day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

40 X 40 - 3 Down 37 To Go!!!

So, the MiniMarathon is finally over and I'm officially 3 races closer to my goal of 40 races by the time I turn 40, which IS still far away - thank you very much!  If all of my training runs would have been races, I'd be at my goal by now.  (I'm trying not to be bitter that my 12 mile runs, 10 mile runs, 8 mile runs, etc. counted for nothing towards my goal.)  More importantly though, I've learned to actually enjoy running and now find myself itching to get out there.  

My race times weren't the best, but I achieved one of my goals by finishing the race without walking; thanks to my friends cheering me on the last 1/2 mile!  I officially count this race as the biggest physical athletic achievement in my life... I wonder what will come next?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April is Donate Life Month!!!

This is a special month for me personally in many ways. Besides my own birthday and my daughter's birthday (amongst other family members' birthdays), April represents my dad's birthday for a second life. Seven years ago, my family received the most important gift ever in our lives... a new liver for my dad! After the pain of watching my dad suffer both physically and mentally, the loss of one family's loved one became a new life to our family.

Although my dad is no longer with us on Earth, I am forever grateful to the donor and their family for the four best years of his life and the blessing that it has been for me. To this day, the donor has been anonymous to me and my family. It is because of donors like ours, that I am able to have memories to last a lifetime and pass on to my children. It is because of others out there, like YOU, that other families can be blessed with a gift that could literally change their lives forever.

National Donate Life Month was established in 2003. Every day in April, people across the U.S. make a special effort to celebrate the tremendous generosity of those who have saved lives by becoming organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donors and to encourage more Americans to follow their fine example.

Celebrate April and National Donate Life Month by taking the time to help others in need! For more information, click HERE!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I just finished my NEW official longest run ever... 8 MILES!  It's amazing how your body can just keep going and going and the impact that your mind can have.  I've been listening to a group called Dispatch,  an American indie/roots folk jam band, while I run.  Music plays a big part in my life and helps me to get through the run with a little less pain.  I've always found my life to be one big musical.  I'm not sure what I'd name it though.  I just always have a song in my head and my emotions are so easily changed by the tunes.  With tonight's run, I kept repeating over and over Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  So true... So true!

Here's a snapshot of the runkeeper I use with my iPhone to track my run.  Again, not the fastest time, but baby-steps!  =)