Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alig Family Portrait :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

So I have officially been doing my photography business for two years, and I have been able to do three photoshoots of the Alig family! Not only are they good friends (and good for my ego when I go to their house and it looks like the Brian McGuckin Photo-Gallery), but it is so exciting to see them grow from behind the lens as well. Their comfort and playfulness for the camera shows and makes my job easy. It also makes me remember how important relationships are in this line of work as not only does it make for better pictures, but it generates an excitement for returning to do another shoot at the next milestone. Thanks Aligs for encouraging me as well!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Senior Alex :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Everyone knows the type of girl who is truly modest and most likely prefers looking at pictures of others rather than herself because she has never really liked her own pics (but honestly everyone else can see how cute she is). That's Alex--a little uncertain about the whole entire shoot being about her. Looking at these shots you can not only see that she has nothing to be shy about, but also a variety of looks that all look good! (Not everyone can pull off a hooded sweatshirt and a black dress and make both look completely blog-worthy :)

I'm just glad she didn't put on her Cardinals baseball cap, or else I'd be doing a little touch-up job in Photoshop. Go CUBS!

Be sure to check out the slideshow below a few of my favorite pics!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CHRISTMAS CARDS 2009 & Holiday Portrait Sessions

Personally I'm looking forward to the holidays for eating ginger cremes, buying gifts for others, snow, Christmas movies I grew up with -- like Rudolph in clay animation, and most importantly celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

Professionally I'm looking forward to the holidays for continuing the busy schedule of family shoots, reminiscing on some of my favorite shots this year in Holiday Cards, and taking a new step for me in offering some carefully selected templates for displaying those shots! I love the look of what comes from using carefully designed templates on high quality paper, and I hope you do too!

Check out the slideshow and send me your order noting a pre-existing digital image I have given you this year, or if we still haven't booked a portrait session, read below for a GREAT HOLIDAY DEAL!

2009 Holiday Session: $200
20 mins.
10-15 full resolution digital images on disc
20 mins.
24 Christmas Cards w/ envelopes (see designs below in slideshow)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Andrew :: Senior Portrait Photographer


I've shot pictures on stage with Ludacris (Rapper/Actor) and on stage with the Ballas Hough Band (from Dancing w/ the Stars), but nothing compares to the free acoustic concert I got to hear live with Andrew while shooting his senior pictures!

We had a blast both doing what we loved the most -- Andrew played his guitar and I took pictures. This was one of my favorite shoots ever! Not just because of the music, but because six years ago Andrew was a little sixth grader sitting in the back row of my social studies classroom. Over the years I've had the honor of watching him grow up and try to discover who God has made him to be. Our time together during the shoot revealed to me his passion for not just life, but his guitar.

Below are a few photos from the shoot. Heck, maybe one of them will be his first album cover! Be sure to click play and check out the slideshow from the day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Puthrans :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Anyone who follows this blog or reads the "Artist" section on my website, knows I love kids. Anyone who really knows me knows I covet quality family time and may be borderline prideful about the relationships I have with my own children. Having openly admitted this, I must say that it was these same tendencies that made this shoot such a blast. The moments I boast about wanting to capture were easy and natural with the Puthran family. You can’t help but watch them and feel that they have a genuine respect and enjoyment of one another. Just glancing at these shots, you see the kids connecting and delighting in their parents. You get the sense of big brother loving on his little sis and you know it wasn’t for the sake of my camera. Thanks for a great afternoon, Puthrans! Enjoy a couple of my favorites AND the slideshow below!