Monday, June 30, 2008

David Jay, Alive Fest, & NFL Hall of Fame

So last week I decided to take a trip to Canton, Ohio, to see my friend DJ and attend Alive Fest (A Christian Woodstock).  I thought, while I'm at it, might as well cross another one off the list and sneak over to the NFL Hall of Fame.  While I was there, I saw this amazing double rainbow.  The image doesn't do justice to the true colors.  (Not to be confused with Cindy Lauper's song.)

I was pleased to see my boy "Sweetness" (aka Walter Payton) had a few shout-outs to him and the other Monsters of the Midway

DJ and I went out for some sushi and Thai food... now you might stop right there and wonder why sushi in Canton, Ohio?  Maybe it's from the Great Lakes, but either way I must admit I was impressed with the quality.  It was great to spend so much time one on one with DJ and talk about other things besides just photography.  I met him last summer through my friend Deyl who happens to be his best friend.  They are both definitely intriguing entrepreneurs and I always learn a lot from them.

Here we are outside the Thai place, as you can tell by the big neon sign in the backdrop.
Here's a shot of us with his friend Brett in Chicago at a wedding almost a year ago.  These two were great Lovecats in sharing their knowledge with me and giving my business a boost.
I'm blessed to continue to grow and learn more about photography, business, and life by my amazing friends far and near!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Megan & Pat's Wedding

What a day!  I just got back from this beautiful wedding and the family was so fun I just had to post about them.  Megan and Pat are such a great reminder of the love that two people have for each other at that exciting stage of life.  They are an amazing couple that are blessed with amazing friends.  And as Megan would say, "I have lots of friends!"  (She's kinda like that...friendly that is.)  The wedding party was a blast!  One was one of my first weddings ever and another is one I can't wait to shoot for in just over a month.

And check this out, on the way to the church, one of the groomsmen saved a life...literally!  I guess a woman was choking on something at a fast-food place where the guy had stopped by. He had to do the Heimlich maneuver and everything.  How insane is that!  We think he was just trying to steal the day from Pat.  It didn't work though.  

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kari and Chris

I had the honor of second shooting with the fabulous Kiera Dubach downtown in Indy with Kari and Chris. It was held at the amazing Mavris. These two were a blast! Beautiful people + Beautiful settings = Beautiful pictures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indiana Beauty

Incase you don't live in Indiana, the weather here has been pretty crazy and wet lately.  There's not much about it that's pleasant.  It seems like every year we go from Winter to Summer, skipping the cool breeze of the Spring.  This year has been no exception!  One thing I do love though is the stormy sky we get sometimes.  These shots are from the other night and are straight out of the camera.  I didn't have to do any special coloring; God did that for me.

It's almost as if there is a wall where the two colors meet!