Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zsarenet & Ja'Rell - FOX 59 Wedding Contest Winners

What a blast! Spend an afternoon with Zsarenet & Ja’Rell and it is easy to see why this couple is deserving of a FOX Wedding Giveaway. Engagement shoots are great because I get to know the couple without all the nerves of a wedding, for example, Ja’Rell’s nickname is “Peanut” so of course, little Ja’Rell is “Butter”. Butter easily steals the picture and has a great connection with each of his parents (obvious in his delight while being tossed high enough to rival the skyline). I look forward to capturing the day of a couple so overtly in love, committed, and excited to celebrate their lives together. Stay tuned to see Butter debut his first tux!

Till then, enjoy some of my favorite pics below and check out the slideshow for the rest!