Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Florida - Day Something?

Wow!  It's hard to keep up the posts when you're busy traveling around Disney World, sleeping, drinking Mojitos, and going for walks along the beach as dolphins frolic 50 yards away. However, I've managed to find time in between reading my Jack Johnson Biography and throwing shells into the Gulf of Mexico with my kids to posts a few pictures.  I hope to get a video up and running in a few days.  It may have to wait till I return to the great unpredictable weather in lovely Indiana!



FAMILY FOOT PHOTO (Try saying that one 10 times fast!)

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Cathy & David Photography said...

UGH! Why do you torture me with DisneyWorld shots?? My wife and I went there for our Honeymoon and we desperately want back. :( Did you go to Victoria and Alberts?? If you haven't yet GO GO GO! Expensive but worth it.

Also. Indiana sucks. Was 70 2 days ago, then 40 yesterday and right now its 36 but suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow. I think it's just confused..