Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Traderspoint Creamery Christmas!

This past weekend my family went to one of our favorite places in Indiana... Traderspoint Creamery located in Zionsville!  For years we have been going there to support the local farmers, check out the roaming chickens and cows, and of course to get some of the world's best chocolate milk.  Turns out they have the best eggnog too!  Not to mention it was one of the first places my wife uncovered a particular way of eating that our family currently adheres too, and we are the better for it.  

It's been rewarding to see the changes that have taken place there over the years. What used to be a little store (more like a cooler and a box for checks) and a few artisans on the second floor of the barn has morphed into quite a gathering of eco-friendly providers and a quaint eatery.  We have collected family memories and a few sweet dates of going there to dine.  However, the Christmas at the Farm experience has now been stored as what we hope to be a yearly tradition!  I think after seeing the pictures in the slideshow below, you may be swayed to do the same. . .

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Angela Jacobson said...

CHEERS! Hey, Brian! Great pictures. My favorite is Santa drinking eggnog (I have lots of other favorites, too). Your pictures are so good they almost made me forget how cold it was outside! Brr! ;)