Monday, June 14, 2010

Made Possible By...

The FOX 59 Dream Wedding was only made possible by the passion and dedication of many people involved in this production, and trust me, it was a production! First, kudos to FOX 59 for making this all happen and thanks for allowing ME to be a part of it! The day went smoothly thanks to the structure and patience of Crista Tharp, wedding planner extraordinaire. The Ritz Charles, in Carmel, is a beautiful place and I love the simplicity of the Chapel they have right in front of their glassed Garden Pavilion. A Classic Party Rentals had everything looking sharp. J.P. Parker Flowers had some beautiful arrangements and her bouquet helped create one of my new favorite shots! Zsarenet's beautiful dress was provided by Sophia's, as well as Ja'Rell's tux, but it was 'Butter' (their son) that stole the show in his mini-tux! Salon 01 gave Zsarenet the finishing touches with her hair and makeup. And of course... the ring... provided by Moyer Fine Jewelers in Indianapolis. The pictures speak for the ring itself!

This slideshow below sorta gives a shout out to the sponsors by putting a twist on Zsarenet and Ja'Rell's show. There are a few additional pics that haven't been seen yet. Again, I'm grateful to have been a part of such a unique experience.

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Crista said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Great job Brian - I really hope to work with you in the future!