Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Nelson Family :: Indianapolis Portrait Photography

The bell rang. School was over. She went home. It was a Friday night, when suddenly, the bell rang again. This time it was her doorbell! When she answered... it was... her TEACHER!!! Only this time, it wasn't to tutor. In place of a ruler and chalk, her teacher held in his hands... a CAMERA!

Okay, so it wasn't as dramatic as that, but it did happen. You can't tell by her smile, but it really was quite painless for her. =) The Nelsons are a BEAUTIFUL family, as you can tell by the adorable pictures below. I got to spend a little extra time with the 8 month old and we had a blast! Below are some of my favorites from the shoot, but be sure to check out the slideshow on the very bottom for more!

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