Friday, December 28, 2007

My First Employee!

I have taken business to a whole new level.  My first contracted employee!  Libby, my five year old daughter, accomplished her first pay as well.  She has been excitedly showing off her five dollar bill and explaining how she was an assistant to a photographer.  Libby’s spunk, while sometimes challenging to parent, has a very positive outlet in helping other kiddos to smile.  This sensitivity and connectedness she displays also makes her an exceptional big sister.  As business grows and I decide to bring more people along side of me, I have no doubt that Libby will be my most entertaining and sweet companion.  Our family loves to do more together, and I am thankful my children want to keep it that way!  For Christmas, her brother and she received their own digital cameras!  Maybe I'll post some of her pictures later.

1 comment:

Deyl said...

i hope she charges a lot because that girl's got talent and looks :)