Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Are You Capable Of?

I was fortunate to have a life-coaching session with Paige Kearin, who is a successful coach that lives her own dreams each day and continues to work on a book that collects stories and advice from others to help inspire the rest of us.  Some of the leaders she has sat down with to interview include: Bill Clinton, Gloria Estefan, Lance Armstrong, and many more!

Even with the vitality and focus she offered me, I have realized a more consistent coach that I would not have first known to label as such... my wife!  I challenge you to look at who you already have in your life that inspires you, and if you do not have someone that is insightful enough to recognize your talents, bring them to your attention, help you focus your goals, and will hold you accountable, then you do need to seek out a life coach like Paige.  There is nothing that has changed and benefited my life more than having constant input like this.  Go out there and find your life coach, and if you are lucky enough—marry them ; ) 

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