Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Difference Do You Make?

I'm fortunate enough to have the best job in the world!  I get to be me!  I get to do whatever I want to do... because I choose to.  The decisions I make in life are not based on "finances" - rather "fine chances."  Chances to make a difference in someone's life- because I can.  Chances to make a difference in my own life- because I can.  Chances to do what I'm called to do- because I can.  

I'm a true believer that whatever you do - do it with passion.  As a teacher, I get to touch the lives of children EVERY DAY!  (Either with my students or my own children.)  I'm passionate about what I do - be it teaching or photography - because I care about the lives of others.  I care enough to know what's really important in life NOT what life thinks is important.  I came across this YouTube clip about "What Teachers Make" and had to share it with everyone.  
It makes me think about the difference I make as a teacher - as a photographer - as a husband - as a friend - as a person?  Check it out:

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Brian Diehl said...

Hey Brian, this is the other Brian from PUG.
I love the Blog. I've just started mine as a catalyst from our critique at PUG group yesterday. I'm on Day 2 of the new website and day 4 of blogging I believe... Have a great trip to Chicago and I look forward to hearing about it next puggle group.