Saturday, February 23, 2008

What do Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Eddie Murphy, and ME-Brian McGuckin- have in common?

No!  It doesn't have to do with Eddie Murphy's marriage lasting two weeks, but it does have to do with his photographer!  We've all had our pictures taken by Bob Davis!  Yep!  That's me in the picture below.  (I wish I knew to smile.)  

I've been blessed in this business to have the opportunity to get off to an amazing start.  Starting my business by spending a week with David Jay and being a second shooter for him at a wedding.  Then being hooked up with an amazing group of photographers in the Indy Pug with Kevin Swan.  So, the natural flow of things would be to have my first workshop I attend be presented by Mike Colon and Bob Davis!  What an amazing opportunity!  
The mug shot above was taken by Bob to talk about lighting and angles.  I had a great seat, so I was a natural target being in the first row.  These two have been on the "Master Your Craft" tour sharing everything from their gear to their workflow.  It was impossible not to be inspired and learn something new and challenging.  These guys definitely care about what they do, as well as other photographers.  Below, Bob Davis went and bought a few Starbucks to raffle off.


Kenny Kim was there shooting the whole thing.  I stole these images below from his site and Bob Davis' that shows me in the group shot up front and again as I grabbed my drink from Bob.


This time was an extremely valuable step in my business.  Investing both time and money pays off in the long run.  Even when you don't have much of either these days, it's important to invest in the things that matter to you.  To me that's God, Family, and People.  Photography allows me to express my love for all three of those facets of my life.    


kennykimdotcom said...

It was great having you in Chicago! Indy folks are way too cool! :) I miss your PUG group! (I went to one in June!)

Deyl said...

you changed your blog page without me knowing!! i thought you were lagging big time, so i'm glad you pointed me to your new one!!

So stoked for you and sounds like you had a blast buddy. your website rips too!