Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Determination Brings Success

Nothing is more important to me than my time with my family.  Last week I brought my daughter and her bike to school to practice riding without her training wheels!  I thought it was a lost cause when she was having trouble getting balanced enough to move a few inches.  That first rotation of the pedal was by far the hardest.  It even got to the point where I asked if she wanted to quit and try again another day.  Those of you who know my daughter know that, like me, she is determined (aka stubborn) to finish what she starts and succeed in any way possible.  Within an hour and a half, she went from not being able to balance to taking off and riding over 100 yards as if she has been doing it for years.  I've included a video clip half way through the progression.  I am indeed a proud Papa!

What are you doing in your life that you're determined to succeed at?  Are you taking the right steps?

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Deyl said...

tell her congrats for us!!

my answer: starting a successful business... i hope so!