Monday, June 30, 2008

David Jay, Alive Fest, & NFL Hall of Fame

So last week I decided to take a trip to Canton, Ohio, to see my friend DJ and attend Alive Fest (A Christian Woodstock).  I thought, while I'm at it, might as well cross another one off the list and sneak over to the NFL Hall of Fame.  While I was there, I saw this amazing double rainbow.  The image doesn't do justice to the true colors.  (Not to be confused with Cindy Lauper's song.)

I was pleased to see my boy "Sweetness" (aka Walter Payton) had a few shout-outs to him and the other Monsters of the Midway

DJ and I went out for some sushi and Thai food... now you might stop right there and wonder why sushi in Canton, Ohio?  Maybe it's from the Great Lakes, but either way I must admit I was impressed with the quality.  It was great to spend so much time one on one with DJ and talk about other things besides just photography.  I met him last summer through my friend Deyl who happens to be his best friend.  They are both definitely intriguing entrepreneurs and I always learn a lot from them.

Here we are outside the Thai place, as you can tell by the big neon sign in the backdrop.
Here's a shot of us with his friend Brett in Chicago at a wedding almost a year ago.  These two were great Lovecats in sharing their knowledge with me and giving my business a boost.
I'm blessed to continue to grow and learn more about photography, business, and life by my amazing friends far and near!

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Deyl said...

you're awesome buddy! payton is my boy too!