Saturday, June 21, 2008

Megan & Pat's Wedding

What a day!  I just got back from this beautiful wedding and the family was so fun I just had to post about them.  Megan and Pat are such a great reminder of the love that two people have for each other at that exciting stage of life.  They are an amazing couple that are blessed with amazing friends.  And as Megan would say, "I have lots of friends!"  (She's kinda like that...friendly that is.)  The wedding party was a blast!  One was one of my first weddings ever and another is one I can't wait to shoot for in just over a month.

And check this out, on the way to the church, one of the groomsmen saved a life...literally!  I guess a woman was choking on something at a fast-food place where the guy had stopped by. He had to do the Heimlich maneuver and everything.  How insane is that!  We think he was just trying to steal the day from Pat.  It didn't work though.  

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