Friday, August 22, 2008

Going on Tour!?

So, last night DJ was in town again speaking about creating more freedom in our lives. After his presentation a few of us went out to Champs and talked about the economy (led by Kevin Swan) and photography. DJ is driving this bus all over the country sharing the love with others. The inside is all tricked out. Even the bathroom is nicer than one I've ever had in my own house! It was great to meet two guys that do his dirty tech work (shout out to Todd and Paul) and the wonderful mother of the group--Shyla (thanks for the shirt and cookies!). I thought I'd start preparing for my own tour some day by getting the pose down for my own bus picture -- I better stick to taking pictures instead of being in them!


Anonymous said...

We have missed you at Pug.

Jason Coobs said...

Hey Brian, It was good to meet you the other night! I appreciate your encouragement and advice! You can check out my site from my blog...keep it real! Thanks again!

Shyla said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha.... that is HILARIOUS.

Good job buddy... good job! :)

and you are welcome... ;)