Sunday, August 3, 2008


We finally sold our house (YEAH!) and had been moving into the new house (YEAH!) over the past two weeks.  We had everything moved over and were starting to unpack when gas and oil spilled (BOO!) in the basement and filled the house with fumes.  Apparently breathing in those fumes isn't a good thing for a family with three little kids, so we have one bag packed and are staying at my in-laws (not the most convenient).  So, my time and access to the computer has been limited.  I apologize for anyone who has tried to contact me lately.  Currently (after shooting a reception Friday and a wedding yesterday) I have the flu.  The good part about that, is I hopefully can get back to some of your emails.  Thanks for your patience!  


cmcguck said...

What a week of ups and downs! Hope you feel better soon!

Deyl said...

post pics of your new place! where is it?