Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MY NEW BABY... www.brianmcguckin.com

I'm so stoked that my new site is up and running now!  A lot of time, sleepless nights, and MochaTonix have gone into designing this.  My favorite thing about it is that I can easily change any of it, in any way, at any time!  A shout out goes to my boy DJ and his "Showit Sites."  DJ is a photographer/entrepreneur who's kinda been a silent mentor to me along the way; a few times in person and other times through his blog.  He's done an amazing job of helping make photographers' work easier and continues to come up with new things.

As I tweak a few things here and there, all slideshows from my old site are no longer available.  I will be posting new ones in the near future!  

1 comment:

Maya said...

Looks great Brian!!! We're working on mine right now! I just want it done!!! :)