Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out with the old... IN WITH THE NEW!!!

As I look into the year ahead, there are a lot of exciting changes happening for my family and photography business.  One of the most exciting is my new website--to be released within the month.  It's going to look unique compared to my current one (and many other sites out there that follow the same template), but more importantly, it's going to allow the friends and families of my brides and grooms to have a sneak peek into their lives.  You'll have to wait to see it, but for now, here's a snapshot of my homepage. 

Another tradition--my amazing wife thought of--is to use our Christmas tree after the holidays to display our hopes, dreams, and goals.   We loved having the tree in the house and weren't ready to recycle it yet, so we thought we'd keep it up for a while.  What better way to utilize it? It gives us greater permanence to the "New Year's Resolutions" and the kids really enjoyed dreaming the ideas.  We all jotted down our thoughts on homemade, recycled paper ornaments.  It causes us to stop every day and think about what we're doing to try to make them happen.  One of mine is to exercise more often, which is being driven by my signing up to run the Indy Mini and a training group to help hold me accountable.  Running isn't something I enjoy much, so I'm looking forward to the joy of such an achievement!  What are you doing today to reach an important goal in your life?  Who can hold you accountable?


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