Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm here because Jen Beaver brought me here...

So, if you are into pop culture then you probably recognize Ludacris (rap artist on the left)and Carlos Diaz (Extra host on the right), but if you are really lucky then you know the woman in the middle—Jen Beaver. Like Ludacris kept announcing at The Race Party, “I’m here because Jen Beaver brought me here;” I too was there because she brought me. Jen, an Event Planner, worked in the most tireless manner to orchestrate three major events that comprised THE Race Party and additional gatherings surrounding a movie premier and the Indy 500. Little sleep, even less food, keeping celebrities at the right place at the right time, and making everything appear seamless are just a few of the job qualifications that make Jen amazing. The more important personal ones are her dedication, sincerity, approachability, kindness, and ability to not be “starstruck”. No matter what profession you are in, when you have someone who believes in your ability, encourages you endlessly, sacrifices their own time to direct you, gives you rare opportunities, and exists outside of the small circle of people who would seem required to do all of the above (i.e. your mom); it is an awesome boost to your belief in yourself and quite worthy of the time to say THANK YOU! Are you fortunate enough to have your own “Jen Beaver” to recognize; if so, I would encourage you to acknowledge them today!

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