Monday, February 23, 2009

Guys Weekend

This past weekend, I got to get away from the craziness of life and go camp in the woods near Brown County, Indiana.  This was my second year partaking in this long tradition.  This tradition started in 1969 and has continued through rain and snow ever since.  Originally intended for a group of "boys" to get out and shoot muzzleloaders, it's transformed over the years to today's events of tapping syrup trees and throwing tomahawks.  These guys know how to live it up right... bacon wrapped shrimp, grilled tuna, cold beverages (to keep us warm)!  Of course it's not that easy.  Lot's of wood chopping and sleeping out in a lean-to in 18 degree weather.  The pictures can give you a glimpse of it all.  The snow fell the second morning, hence the reason we're all gathered around the multiple fires.  The weekend ends with pancakes and freshly made syrup!  Be sure to check out the slideshow below!

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Uncle Phatato said...

Those are some GREAT shots. Well done!