Monday, October 5, 2009

The Puthrans :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Anyone who follows this blog or reads the "Artist" section on my website, knows I love kids. Anyone who really knows me knows I covet quality family time and may be borderline prideful about the relationships I have with my own children. Having openly admitted this, I must say that it was these same tendencies that made this shoot such a blast. The moments I boast about wanting to capture were easy and natural with the Puthran family. You can’t help but watch them and feel that they have a genuine respect and enjoyment of one another. Just glancing at these shots, you see the kids connecting and delighting in their parents. You get the sense of big brother loving on his little sis and you know it wasn’t for the sake of my camera. Thanks for a great afternoon, Puthrans! Enjoy a couple of my favorites AND the slideshow below!

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