Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brittany and Michael's Slideshow

This past month I've had the pleasure of shooting the weddings of two brothers, John and Michael Hart. This is what I love about photography... RELATIONSHIPS! Having the opportunity to be a part of such a special day for a family, not just once, but TWICE has allowed me to truly get to know the Hart family and be more than just their "photographer". To me, photography isn't just showing up and taking a few pictures and then moving on. It's getting to know them. Building a relationship.  

The more comfortable a couple can be with me the more inconspicuous I am able to be during the many personal moments and the more we are able to enjoy the formal shots with family, which I believe was especially evident in both weddings.  Brittany and Michael's wedding gave me a great excuse to visit with Johnny and Falan... still in their honeymoon period!  

It feels like forever ago that I met Brittany and Michael and we shot their engagement pictures.  And now the wedding is already over!  At least I've got these great memories below to allow me to reflect back on the day too.  Click below and enjoy the slideshow! 

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Mark Juleen said...

Well done! Thanks so much!