Monday, June 29, 2009

Erin & Dustin's Wedding

These are called "Jazz Hands"... you'll have to check out the slideshow below if you want to be lucky enough to see the "BLADES"!!!

Erin and Dustin have a very special place in my heart! Erin, because she worked at Cafe Patachou (love that place so much I even went there today to work on their slideshow!) and Dustin, because he's a Chicago Bears fan!!! Those two things right there automatically make them some of my favorite people in the world! (Far, far from my wife of course! Are you reading this honey?) Now, if I can just convince Dustin to invite me over to watch a Bears game and have Erin bringing me a yummy Chicken Salad on Croissant...

Anyway, I'm stoked because I get to see Erin and Dustin again when I shoot her sister's wedding in September (this has been the summer of siblings). Here are a few of my favorite shots of Erin and Dustin along with the slideshow below that you won't want to miss! Check it out and enjoy! P.S. Don't forget to look for the "BLADES"!

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