Friday, June 19, 2009


One of my deepest disappointments has come from one of my greatest joys.  The birth of my third child, A.J., marked a painful first.  My own father would never know him.  This matters more to me because of the father he was, and the grandfather my children will never have.  Jack McGuckin most notably shaped me through not just a personal invested interest in my passions (i.e. my football games and proudly sporting my pic -- even with a mullet -- on a button) but more consistently through something that is still lacking in father-son relationships. He never wavered in showing me affection.  The consistent hugs and “I love you”s have made for my family a legacy greater than that of the largest trust fund.  My boys are still young, yet I know that they too may someday miss the great hugs (ie. tackles) we greet one another with, as I know I will continue to insist upon them through what tends to be the more awkward teen years and well-past into my visits with their own families.

As I still have to remind myself he is actually gone from the earth every time this holiday unexpectedly arrives, I hang onto the hope that I have that one day not only will I embrace him again in heaven, but I too will have the joy of seeing him do the same in greeting my children, and the one he never met, A.J. 

If I could have one moment captured today in a picture with him, it would be this great embrace.  In honor of my father, I want to extend a chance for you to choose something so precious to hold onto as well, be it with a dad, husband, or grandfather.  Here is what you do…


1)    Subscribe to my blog ( by visiting it and clicking on the “POST” link under “Subscribe To My Blog” on the top left of the page.  You simply pick the page that fits what you typically use (i.e yahoo) and it should automatically subscribe you if you are logged into your account.  This means when you go into your (yahoo) homepage, you will see a feed of text from my blog. OR Subscribe by entering your email under the box also to the top left.  

2)    AFTER SUBSCRIBING, send me an email (however long or short you need it to be) at explaining a treasured difference about your father or grandfather that builds a great legacy into your own life.

3)    Give me a sense of the vision of the photoshoot you would arrange with your father/husband or grandfather (i.e. would want to capture him on the fishing boat with the six grandkids).

The winner will receive a Free One Hour Photo Shoot w/ one Free 8X10 

Read this part of the “small print” as fast as you can to get the full effect… “All entries are due by midnight Saturday, June 27th!  I will joyfully deliberate over the entries with my wife and post the winner on my blog by midnight Sunday the 28th!  Travel expenses not included outside 20 minutes of Indianapolis area.” 

(Note: I extended the deadline due to some questions I received regarding subscribing to the blog, so please feel free to email me if you have any additional trouble with #1)

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