Monday, June 8, 2009

Father/Daughter Getaway!

This past weekend my daughter and I went away on our annual father/daughter getaway with a bunch of other dads and daughters.  We love this time cause it allows us to get away from the craziness of our lives and the many distractions that keep us from enjoying each other's love!  I miss my little baby girl who has grown up TOOO fast before my eyes.  I've always been intentional with my time with my children and these little getaways are always a special bonus!  Here's a slideshow of our time with the other dads/daughters/(all the frogs that stole our daughters' attention from us!!!).  And a special thanks to Northview Christian Life Church for helping create these memories for the dads and daughters!


Cary said...

Great stuff Brian. Thanks so much for your hard work and talent! You really captured the essence of this awesome weekend.


Stan Killebrew said...


Excellent! That is really cool. I love that song, too. Hey, is there any way we could get a "hard copy" of this video to use next year when we promo this event at Northview?

Stan Killebrew