Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NFL: VIKINGS vs. PACKERS (11-21-10)

In the NFL, you never know when a game might be your last. I went into the game thinking this could easily be the case for Brett Favre. All it takes - is one hit. One helmet to helmet. One bad game. Turns out, it was the last game.. for Brad Childress as coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

I was blessed with the opportunity to get up close and personal with players at practice the day before, and almost smashed during the game as James Jones scores a touchdown. It was a fun game to capture, although I was pulling for Favre and the Vikings against the Packers on behalf of my Chicago Bears!

I had a blast shooting the game, and as you can tell, a lot of my focus was on Brett Favre and trying to capture a shot for my office space. Now I can't decide which one to use! Check out some of my favorites below and watch the slideshow for more!

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